Taylor Swift Gives $1 Million to Truck Drivers Who Transport Her Equipment

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Taylor Swift is not only a pop singer but also a generous philanthropist. The singer, who is all set to pack the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood for six nights as part of her tour, recently gifted over Rs 82 lakh (approximately $10 million) to truck drivers who carried equipment for her shows. TMZ reported that the diva decided to reward the crew after they were left without a paycheck due to a Ticketmaster strike.

In a video posted by her, she said she wanted to let them know that she cared about them and their families, adding that she was sorry for the hardships they were going through. “You guys worked your asses off; deserve better than this,” she said. “I know that it is not as big of a gift as you would have liked, but I hope it goes a little towards helping your families get back on their feet.”

The singer is touring the U.S., with 131 shows in the pipeline. When she first unveiled The Eras Tour in November, it was a mega-success that saw her sell out stadiums and make history. However, the tour was not smooth sailing, as millions of fans could not secure tickets. Since then, Taylor has listened to the demand and added more shows and cities to her itinerary.

Just last week, she tacked on eight more concerts to her schedule in the U.S.; a week before that, she added another 17 performances. Moreover, on July 5, she threw 14 more European dates into the mix, which will see her play in Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, and Amsterdam.

As she continues to perform on the massively popular tour, she is raking in a fortune and has already broken the record for the highest-grossing single-night tour by a female solo artist. According to Bloomberg, the Grammy winner could earn over $10 million each night on her trek.

However, that is not all, as the star is set to bring her show across the pond and worldwide in 2024. Earlier this month, she announced her first international tour dates for the tour, which will include stops in Latin America and Singapore, while teasing that there will be “LOTS more dates to come.”

Throughout her career, the blond beauty has protected her entourage and ensured that her crew is well taken care of. This is evidenced by her already giving over $55 million to everyone, from dancers and sound technicians to catering and riggers. This generosity is not surprising, considering that she has previously done the same for her previous tours. In 2017, she even gave out cash and cars to those who had helped her during her 1989 World Tour, which occurred the year after the deadly Las Vegas shooting.


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