Ashley Graham Reminds Fans to Have Fun with Fashion in Viral Video

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Supermodel Ashley Graham has always been known for her bold fashion choices and fun personality, and she proved both yet again in a recent Instagram video. In the video, which has since gone viral, Graham can be seen hilariously ripping her leather jumpsuit after doing some “stunts” on a couch.

The video, which was posted to Graham’s Instagram account, shows her in a black leather jumpsuit while sitting on a couch. She explains that she’s doing “stunts” and proceeds to jump up and down on the couch, striking various poses and making funny faces.

After a few seconds of this, Graham suddenly hears a ripping sound and realizes that her jumpsuit has torn. She bursts out laughing and shows off the rip to the camera, saying, “I just ripped my jumpsuit! Oh my god, it was worth it.”

The video has since gone viral, with fans and followers praising Graham for her fun and carefree attitude. Many have commented on the post, saying that they love her energy and sense of humor.

Graham is no stranger to making bold fashion choices, and the leather jumpsuit was just the latest example. She has been a vocal advocate for body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, and has used her platform to promote body acceptance and confidence.

In addition to her modeling work, Graham has also been a host and judge on several reality TV shows, including America’s Next Top Model and RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has also launched her own clothing line, which is designed to be inclusive of all body types.

Despite her success and fame, Graham has always remained down-to-earth and relatable, which is part of what has endeared her to so many fans. Her hilarious video of ripping her jumpsuit is just the latest example of her fun-loving and genuine personality.

Overall, Ashley Graham’s recent Instagram video is a reminder that fashion and style can be fun and playful. It’s important to take risks and have fun with fashion, and not take it too seriously. Graham’s infectious energy and humor are a great reminder of that, and her fans can’t get enough of it.

In a world where social media can often feel like a highlight reel of perfect lives and perfect outfits, it’s refreshing to see someone like Graham who is unapologetically herself and willing to have fun with fashion. Her video has brought a smile to many faces and is a great example of the power of positivity and joy in our daily lives.

In conclusion, Ashley Graham’s recent viral video is a fun and lighthearted moment in a world that can often feel overwhelming and serious. Her sense of humor and playful attitude are an inspiration to her fans and a reminder to take risks and have fun with fashion. We can’t wait to see what bold fashion choices and hilarious moments she’ll bring us next.

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