Tom Cruise Finds Love Again: Actor, 61, Reportedly Dating Russian Socialite Elsina Khayrova, 36

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After a high-profile divorce from Katie Holmes, Hollywood star Tom Cruise (61) is making significant moves in the love department. The Top Gun hunk reportedly dates Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova (36).

Daily Mail says the pair have been “growing closer” over the past few months. “It’s well known within Elsina’s circle that she and Tom are now an item,” the publication quoted a source as saying. “They’ve grown very close over the past few weeks but take a lot of care not to be photographed together because they want to maintain their privacy.”

The polarizing actor was first linked to Khayrova in December last year when they were seen getting cozy at a London party. It was then alleged that the Mission Impossible star had been ‘besotted’ by the beauty and even danced with her for most of the night.

Recently, the couple have been spotted dining at exclusive London restaurants and taking strolls through Hyde Park. They were also spotted arriving separately at a charity gala dinner for London’s Air Ambulance Charity, which Prince William attended. The 61-year-old’s eldest children, Isabella and Connor, are said to support the relationship and are “thrilled to witness their father finding love again.”

Khayrova was previously married to diamond trader tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov. The pair shared a multimillion-dollar property portfolio, including mansions in London and Dubai. They split in 2022 after a very messy three-year divorce battle. However, Tsvetkov claims he has no ill will towards Khayrova and ‘wishes her the best’ in her new romance.

Despite the 25-year age gap, it is alleged that Cruise and Khayrova have been inseparable since they started spending time at her lavish Knightsbridge apartment. “They enjoy hanging out together and, despite their wealth, do many things that normal couples do,” the source continued. “Tom has been staying the night at Elsina’s apartment, which, as you can imagine, is a wonderful place.”

As for the rumored romance, it is not surprising to many fans, given the close friendship they share. The couple has even ‘hung out’ with each other’s family and friends.

Apparently, Khayrova is a big fan of Cruise’s Top Gun franchise and has been seen reading the film’s script in his company. The 36-year-old is even planning to visit the film’s set in the future.


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