Singapore to Malaysia Road Trip Guide

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Are you on a vacation in Singapore and considering extending your time to explore Malaysia? Nothing is easier that organizing a Singapore to Malaysia road trip. Whether you travel with family, alone or with friends, this is a trip that will certainly fill everyone with memories.

There are numerous ways to organize a Singapore Malaysia travel trip. After all, there are good bus connections between the two countries, and then using buses and taxis, you can reach the major cities in Malaysia.

But the freedom and flexibility you get by driving in Malaysia can never be matched by anything. You’ll be able to easily reach fewer known attractions, take your time and not be forced into a schedule. Aside from the bus and car options, you can also join tours. However, you may feel like you’re on a school trip.

The good thing about driving in Malaysia is that it is a breeze. The main roads are in perfect condition, the rest are generally good, and traffic, in general seems quite light. Here’s your Singapore Malaysia travel guide.

Know the Rules

You’ll first have to check if you need a Visa to enter Singapore or Malaysia. Fret not since many countries can now access Singapore with their free e-visa program (for tourism purposes), and Malaysia asks for a visa only from a few countries if you visit for tourism purposes for less than 90 days.

To drive a car, you need special documents if your license is in English. In the event that your driving license is not in English, you need to offer an official translation, or you will need an international driving permit. Together with your driving license, you need to provide your passport before you start driving.

Where to Start Your Singapore-Malaysia Vacation Journey

You have two options when it comes to starting your journey and where to rent a car for your road trip. If arriving in Singapore first, you can pick up a car directly at the airport but be ready for a shock when you check the rental price.

To cross the land border between Singapore and Malaysia, you can cross the Johor-Singapore Causeway or the Second Link. If you decide to cross the border with a rented car, you need to check that you’re allowed, and you will be responsible to get the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).


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