Redmi Watch 3 Active: A Stylish and Feature-Packed Fitness Tracker

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The Apple Watch range may be aspirational and a bit too expensive for many of us, but it has made smartwatches more desirable on the whole. This has allowed several brands to leverage their expertise in smartphones and Bluetooth connectivity to offer capable wearable technology at reasonable prices. The Redmi Watch 3 Active is one such smartwatch that offers all the critical features of a modern-day fitness tracker and more at an affordable price.

Xiaomi isn’t a brand that shies away from packing in a lot of features, and with the Redmi Watch 3 Active, it has yet again delivered an impressive and well-rounded device. The fact that it is 5 ATM water resistant and has a battery life of up to 12 days with heavy use makes the Redmi Watch 3 Active an even more appealing option in this segment.

One of the things that sets this smartwatch apart from most others in this category is that it supports Bluetooth calling. This lets you connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.3, and answer calls much more conveniently than reaching for your phone in your pocket or bag. The call quality is decent, and I could understand the caller well enough in a noisy environment.

The Mi Fit app that ties all the data from the watch to your smartphone is elegant, easy to navigate, and has a wide range of customization options. You can choose from several different watch faces that aren’t too simple or look cheap, and you can also pick widgets for the watch home screen to give it a more personal touch.

There’s a lot of fitness tracking on offer here, too, from Sp02 and all-day heart rate monitoring to sleep tracking and stress measuring. You can also monitor your daily calorie burn and exercise, set workout goals for yourself, and monitor more than 100 sports and workout modes.

Another feature I liked is the ability to control your music on your smartphone directly from the Redmi Watch 3 Active using swipe gestures. You can pause, play, go to the next, and even control the volume of your music. There is no built-in storage for music, though, and you’ll have to rely on your smartphone for this.

With the Redmi Watch 3 Active, you get a very comfortable and durable strap that has a matte finish and feels great on your wrist. It’s detachable, too, and while Xiaomi doesn’t sell official replacement straps for this device, you should be able to find third-party options easily.

Overall, the Redmi Watch 3 Active is a fantastic offering that feels polished, optimized, and much better than some half-baked attempts from other manufacturers. For the introductory price of Rs 2,999, it packs in an awful lot, and I would highly recommend it.


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