Potential Issues with VRF Installation

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After giving it some thought, you are finally ready to take advantage of what VRF HVAC systems offer residential and commercial buildings. There is nothing wrong with that if the numerous benefits destined to come your way are anything to go with.

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, which is merely a ductless, large-scale system for HVAC that performs at a high capacity.  It is worth noting that VRF allows multiple indoor units to run on the same system, which is designed differently depending on the application.

Having said that, this blog post will examine the potential issues with VRF installation. Read on below to uncover more!

Refrigerant R-410A

You’d be surprised to learn that most of today’s VRFHVAC systems use R-410A refrigerant, attaining a very high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 15 to 20 and integrated energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 17 to 25. That makes them about 20-30% more efficient than conventional HVAC systems due to partial load operation, speed modulation, zoning capabilities, and heat-recovery tech.

R-410A in ASHRAE Standard 34-2019 is classified as Safety Group 1- meaning non-toxic and non-flammable. It has no ozone depletion potential and it perfect meets the stringent mandates put in place the by the Environmental Protection Agency.


For maximum performance and the best results possible, VRFHVAC system refrigeration piping should be constructed of copper tube, ASTM B 75, UNS C12200, H55 Temper (Light Drawn) for straight lengths, and ASTM B 280, UNS C12200, 060 Temper for coiled. Keep in mind the three basic principles for refrigerant piping installation include dry, clean, and tight.

You must learn to exercise caution during the installation process as it is the only way to ensure you prevent moisture from entering the refrigerant piping, no dust or contaminants must be allowed to enter. It doesn’t end at that since the VRFHVAC needs to be installed tight with no refrigerant leaks.

Hopefully, the above tips will come in handy the next time you decide to buy and install a VRFHVAC system in your space without leaving the door for mistakes open.


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