Participating Whole Life Insurance Explained

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There are many arguments for and against Participating Whole Life Insurance. Actually, many people wonder what it entails and if the benefits of purchasing a policy would help them. His However, the only way to be certain about this is by taking it upon yourself to do a bit of research.

As a quick reminder, Participating Whole Life Insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that offers a death benefit, cash value growth, and the chance to earn dividends. A Participating Whole Life Insurance contract is designed to remain in force for the insured’s whole life and mostly requires premiums to be paid every year.

The contract is made between the policyholder and the insurer, where the insurance company contractually agrees to pay to the beneficiaries of the policy a certain death benefit upon the demise of the insured. Moreover, they are obliged to share the excess profits they generate with policy owners.

One of the major pros of Participating Whole Life Insurance is the sheer ability to collateralize a policy. After all, the contracts allow for the buildup of something called cash value. This cash value is contractually guaranteed to be availed to the policy owner through the policy loan and/or surrender provisions.

Thanks to these provisions, you can collateralize your policy and borrow money form the insurance company. There is also the option of surrendering part of the death benefit and withdraw equity from the policy. This plays a vital role in the accumulation of wealth and the creation of a financial legacy.

Provided you take it upon yourself to pay the loan interest and premiums as per the contract terms, you can rest in knowing the policy will not lapse. Actually, you can use the capital borrowed for any need or purpose you so desire.

But to initiate a policy loan, you’ll have to assign the policy to the insurance company for security. You can do this by making a phone call or merely completing a simple loan request form. Ensure you know what lies ahead before taking up Participating Whole Life Insurance.


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