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After spending months saving and searching for the ideal residential apartment to call home, you mind is finally settled on the famous Lodha Manyata Tech Park. And there’s nothing wrong with that considering it is a brand-new luxury Lodha Mirabelle residential apartment project launched right inside Manyatta Tech Park in Nagavara, off Hebbal, North Bangalore.

A project of the renowned Lodha Group, it is guaranteed to bring a quality living experience to the community of Manyatta Tech Park region, Thanisandra, Nagavara, Hebbal, North Bangalore with remarkable architecture and an equivalent lifestyle in Lodha at Manyatta Tech Park.

That’s not to say you should rush into booking a unit at this brand-new residential enclave for sheer sake. As is with any other project, you want to be sure it is precisely what you are searching for. And no better way to do this than turning to expert opinions. After all, they are masters in the real estate industry.

Well, it is worth noting that Lodha Manyata Tech Park are luxury apartments housed in over 9 acres of prime real estate at the heart of Manyatta Tech Park located just off Thanisandra Main Road with close proximity to Nagavara, Hebbal, ORR, HRBR Layout, Yelahanka and BIAL. Not to mention that it has close proximity to existing communities of residents with health facilities, schools, and amenities.

Keep in mind that this section of North Bangalore is a very well-established and highly sought-after areas with Lodha Mirabelle residential enclave situated in a strategically prime location inside the massive Manyatta Tech Park, which has become a landmark in North Bangalore. No wonder it is worth your attention if looking for the ideal place to home.

Of course, we can never skimp on the builder, Lodha Group, as they are the brains behind this unique residential apartment project in Bangalore. The same goes for the widely sought after Lodha Mirabelle apartments. Actually, the reputation of Lodha Group in Indian Real Estate combined with such a prime location inside Manyatta Tech Park surrounded by dozens of major Business Parks makes this project a perfect option for Self-use as well as for Investment purposes.

For those who might have no idea, Lodha Group is among the top builders in India. And that’s easy to see considering they have a solid reputation for delivering the world’s finest developments across geographies, markets, price points, and consumer segments. In fact, they have been consistently delivering the world’s finest developments.

While numerous benefits are destined to come your way once you book a unit at the brand-new Lodha Mirabelle residential enclave, you should also prepare yourself for some cones. Experts will tell you that you have to contend with major traffic bottlenecks in Hebbal Outer Ring Road Thanisandra, and while accessing East Bangalore during peak hours from Lodha Manyata Tech Park residential enclave.

Aside from that, there is nothing else to worry about since this residential apartment project comes with everything needed to help make your life enjoyable. Check it out today to uncover more!


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