Britney Spears’ Knife Dance Video: What Happened and Why Did She Update the Caption?

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Popstar Britney Spears recently sparked concern among her fans and prompted a wellness check by Los Angeles Police officials after posting a video on social media where she was seen dancing with two large knives while wearing a bikini. A person close to the pop star reportedly contacted the police after viewing the video and expressing concern for her well-being, according to NBC News. However, it was later clarified that the knives were not real but props rented from a Hand Prop shop in LA.

In the original post, Spears was seen twirling and spinning with the two knives in her hands while dressed in an orange polka dot crop top and white thong bikini bottoms. The 41-year-old singer also added a caption to the video: “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today. Don’t worry, they are NOT real!!! Halloween is soon!”

However, not everyone was convinced that the knives were not real, especially since they looked very sharp and clanged together when she twirled them. TMZ reports that some people even called the police at her home out of concern.

Despite reassurances from Spears that the knives are not real, she continues to post videos of herself twirling and dancing with them on her Instagram. In one of the posts, the singer is seen smiling as she holds up a pair of fake knives and twirls them. She also explains that she is simply copying Shakira’s fiery performance at the 2023 MTV Video Vanguard Awards, in which she danced with a pair of knives during her medley of hits.

While Spears’ recent posts involving knives may be alarming for some, the reality is that she has been dancing with blades and guns for years on her social media, and she often makes references to her ‘fascination’ with weapons. She even has a YouTube channel dedicated to her ‘weird’ dancing videos.

Considering Spears had just separated from her husband of less than a year, Sam Asghari, at the time of the video’s release, it’s no wonder some were concerned about her mental well-being. But as the police wellness check reveals, the stars’ safety was never in danger. The incident is a good reminder that we should not jump to conclusions and always think twice before calling the police, especially regarding celebrities. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to make informed decisions on how they want to live.


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