A Quick Guide on Wealth Beyond Wall Street

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Who doesn’t want to be safe millionaire? Of course, we all want to. But you can never achieve this unless you set clear and achievable financial goals while at the same time enlisting help from experts. One concept that seems to be gaining popularity when planning to achieve financial safety is Wealth Beyond Wall Street.

Just as a reminder, Wealth Beyond Wall Street is a term that traces back to Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap. These two promoted a product commonly referred to as Indexed Universal Life or simply IUL. These products have risk associated with them that you can never find in participating whole life insurance products.

To stand a better chance of accumulating wealth using the indexed universal life policy, you will first have to count on the performances of Wall Street. Despite its name, the wealth theory still relies on Wall Street.

If your life insurance policy is entirely based on Wall Street Performances, then the value of your policy will automatically go down. This means you won’t accumulate Wealth Beyond Wall Street. That is where the real problem sets in whenever you decide to opt for indexed universal life products.

For those who are not easily convinced, you should keep in mind that you could end up losing money in the near future. This is more so when the index mirrored in the policy’s non-guaranteed returns happens to go down.

To avoid suffering losses common with indexed universal life products, be sure to spend some time understanding what it is all about. After all, people who are fond of rushing things over end up regretting their decisions in the long run.  The good news is you can find all the information needed online.

Alternatively, you can enlist help from experts who boast a clear understanding of what Wealth Beyond Wall Street is all about. With their help, it will only be a matter of time before you start enjoying the numerous benefits accompanying this financial strategy. So, what is keeping you from putting the Wealth Beyond Wall Street concept into practice?


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